There are myriad different types and styles of upholstery fabrics in use today and each type requires specific treatment.  Upholstery fabrics can be irretrievably damaged by the use of incorrect cleaning methods. 

We always test the fabric for potential problems such as dye bleed or shrinkage before we start to clean your furniture. This means that we can use an appropriate method to ensure that your furniture is not damaged. We have a range of cleaning techniques and products at our disposal and we can even dry (hot solvent) clean your furniture on site if our tests show that this is the best method for cleaning the item.

All parts of the item are cleaned and special attention is given to the more heavily soiled areas around the arms and headrests.

Special Treatments

Once your upholstery has been cleaned you may wish to consider having one of a range of special treatments applied. We offer stain resist treatment, deodoriser and flame retardant treatments.