We use the latest high performance equipment to clean your carpets deep down, removing soiling and leaving your carpet totally clean and free of all detergent residues. Because the Magiclean System removes most of the moisture during cleaning, drying times are kept to a minimum -  often the room can be used within an hour or two of cleaning.   

When we clean your carpets we clean them thoroughly and with respect for your home - portable furniture is carefully moved and replaced on protective pads after cleaning, all accessible areas are thoroughly cleaned including edges and corners, spots and other marks are removed. Your carpet is left looking, and smelling, clean and fresh. For more information on  the Magiclean System click this link.

Our spotting service is an economical and convenient option if  your carpetís appearance is spoilt by one or two spots or spills and you donít need the complete carpet cleaned.

Special Treatments

When you have had your carpets cleaned you may wish to consider having them treated with one of a range of special treatments. These include stain resist treatment, anti-static treatment, deodoriser or flame retardant.